Nemesis Market Links

Welcome to the official Nemesis Market URL and Nemesis Market Link portal, here to ensure you can can find our service safely and securely. Nemesis darknet Market and Nemesis onion Forum are only accessible via the Tor Browser, so ensure you have downloaded that before you go any further.

The official links to Nemesis shop are listed below and may be updated periodically for security purposes or during attacks.

Darknet nemesis URL:

In order to follow the darknet link to the main Nemesis market, use the Tor browser (or any other onion browser)

If one nemesis onion mirror is down for whatever reason (due to maintenance or ddos attack), try the next on the list. If none are working, please try again later. Nemesis will update with new links as needed. We aim for 99% uptime to ensure the best possible service for buyers and vendors alike Nemesis darknet.

What does Nemesis darknet Market have to offer?

Nemesis Market has proudly grown to become one of the largest and most trusted markets (and forums) on the entire darknet, with hundreds of thousands of active users and thousands of daily on Nemesis darknet main shop purchases being made from our network of worldwide vendors.

The landscape of the darknet is constantly changing: giants of the past, such as Silk Road (and its numerous successors), Agora Market, Wall Street Market and Dream Market, disappear from the scene, experiencing periods of success, but ultimately making mistakes. We have learned from the mistakes of past markets and created the most stable trading platform that can guarantee the safety of users. To ensure anonymity of payments, both Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR) are welcome. No operations that could reveal your identity. With love, your Nemesis darknet!

Product Listings Over 20,000.
Vendors Nemesis Over 1,000 worldwide.
Vendor Bond 500 USD (waivers for vendors with over 500 verified sales).
Currencies on Nemesis Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR) cryptocurrencies are both welcome, but listings on Nemesis onion shop will be shown in your local currency.
How To Pay to Nemesis darknet Deposit to wallet first, make a deposit in the wallet section on the Nemesis market or pay when placing an order after adding items to the cart (payment must be made within 3 hours)
Commission Nemesis Nemesis Market charges 5% from each sale to fund continued operation of the market. This is automatically taken from the vendor - there are no extra fees for buyers.
Security Features on Nemesis Withdrawal code / PGP Two Factor Authentication (2FA) / Advanced server security / anti-bot captcha / DDOS protection.

How to use the main market Nemesis darknet?

Setting up your Nemesis onion shop account

Nemesis onion do not need an account to simply browse Nemesis darknet Market or Nemesis Forum. By simply visiting one of the Nemesis Market links shown above, you will have full access to look around the Nemesis market without any obligation. We like to make things as easy and user-friendly as possible for everyone. However, should you wish to make a purchase or forum post, then you will need to register an account. That process is super easy, and we'll tell you how.

At the top right of the screen darknet website Nemesis you'll find a bright blue button saying 'Create an Account'. This will take you to the account creation page. Simply fill in the information as shown below. Note - whether you are registering as a forum poster, buyer or vendor, you create an account in the same way.

Nemesis Market - Create an Account

Before your account is created on Nemesis darknet you also have to pass a simple captcha (this is for security purposes and helps protect the Nemesis market against spam and bots that would ruin the experience for everyone). All you have to do is click the 5 squares which don't match the rest of the image.

With your account created and mnemonic code saved somewhere safe, you can now proceed to sign in on Nemesis onion.

Nemesis Market Login

Browsing Nemesis Darknet Market

On the official Nemesis Market URL, we don't believe in overly complex interfaces. Nemesis wants users to have a simple and useful experience where they can find the products they need as easily as possible. In the "Market" section on the Nemesis Darknet website, you will be presented with a selection of recommended products. You can familiarize yourself with them if you want, or search through our extensive set of categories, or search using the search bar at the top of the page. When searching, all you have to do is enter the name of the product or service you are looking for. From there, you can filter by delivery location, price, or any other advanced search filter offered by Nemesis darknet.

Each search result shows you a brief description of the product on Nemesis Shop, a high-resolution image, purchase options and information about the supplier, such as its rating, sales and delivery from the location.

Nemesis Market Listings

If something catches your eye on the Nemesis darknet market, you can click on the list to view more detailed information. Here you will see more photos of the product, quantity / price options, delivery options, a detailed description of the product and the place where the supplier is ready to send the product.

Nemesis Market Product

If you want to know more about the seller, click on his name to go to the seller's profile page in the official Nemesis link. Here you can get acquainted with the history of their trade and with the latest reviews of all their products. Remember - a supplier with 1000 sales and 10 negative reviews is most likely more trustworthy than a supplier with 10 sales and 0 negative reviews. However, remember that Nemesis Market moderators will always have your back in case of problems, and we always resolve disputes in the fairest way possible.

Nemesis Market Vendor

If you want to contact the supplier for any reason, you can also send him a private message directly to the onion shop Nemesis. Don't forget to encrypt the message with their PGP key if you are going to send any sensitive information such as an address.

Buying goods and services on Nemesis Market link

We have simplified the process of purchasing goods and services on Nemesis Onion as much as possible. On the page with the list of products, select the desired quantity and delivery method from the options provided, then click "Add to cart" without leaving the Nemesis shop.

Nemesis darknet Market supports direct payment when placing an order, you can also first deposit coins to your account in the wallet section on the nemesis main link.

When paying after adding your product to the cart, you will be asked to confirm the quantity and delivery options you have chosen, and then enter your address details. When buying physical goods, do not leave this field empty, otherwise the seller will not be able to send you anything! You don't have to worry about your data being leaked, as we encrypt all messages sent to Nemesis Darknet. Don't forget to click "Refresh" as soon as you're done!

Nemesis Market Order Screen

You can choose the payment method on Nemesis Onion in Bitcoin (BTC) or Monero (XMR). We will inform you the exact amount you will need to pay in these currencies. Do you want to pay with another cryptocurrency? Try any of the presented exchangers on our Nemesis darknet link.

Finally, once you select your preferred currency, you will be provided with an address to send the payment. Make sure you send a sufficient commission if you use Bitcoin to guarantee faster confirmation receipt. The faster the payment is confirmed, the faster the supplier will receive and be able to process your order on the Nemesis Onion market.

Nemesis Market Payment

You can view pending or past orders at any time in the "Orders" section located in the upper left corner of each page on the Nemesis Onion market. You will be notified when the supplier accepts and submits the order.

We hope that you will have an amazing experience on Nemesis Market, regardless of whether you are buying, selling or just interested in the browser.

Thank you for taking the time to read this guide and we look forward to seeing you on Nemesis Darknet Market!